Grimm-Country - The Home of Fairy Tales

von: Neumann-Neudamm

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Produktinformationen "Grimm-Country - The Home of Fairy Tales"

Verlag Neumann-Neudamm
Einband Klappenbroschur
Seiten 96 Seiten
Format 14,8 x 21 cm

The Grimm brothers conquered the world with their „Children‘s and Household Tales“. The fairy tales are at home in North Hesse: this is where Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm lived for most of their lives, and collected and wrote down their fairy tales. For this reason alone, the region now calls itself the „Grimm country North Hesse“. However, there is another reason: the gentle and densely wooded low mountain region is the setting for some of the best-known of the Grimm brothers‘ fairy tales.

This book features some of the Grimm brothers‘ most wonderful classic fairy tales, imaginatively illustrated by Albert Völkl. The book will also take you on a magical journey to places where the characters from Grimm‘s fairy tales might easily still be living today.






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